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ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition 11.12

You can watch and record online video content from channels
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ChrisTV Online! is a program for watching and recording online TV. It also allows you to watch recorded videos and listen to online radio stations. ChrisTV Online! will allow you to play streaming content that you would usually enjoy through your regular web browser. But using this program, you will have two advantages: it has a built-in list with more than 1800 TV channels and more than 600 radio stations, and you will be able to record what´s being played. Beside these advantages, the program also offers access to on-demand video and webcams around the world. You can add to the program any tv channel or radio station, just by entering the URL needed to play it.

The program will offer you the list of channels and stations grouped according to your favorite criteria (country, type, category, etc.). If you click on any entry, ChrisTV will begin playing the selected streaming media. While it's playing, you can modify the volume level, mute the sound, stop the playback or display the programs in full screen. You can also record the audio and video being played, the program will save any content to a file in WMV format.

You can use the trial version of ChrisTV Online! PREMIUM Edition absolutely free for fourteen days.

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  • It allows you to watch TV and listen to radio stations from anywhere in the world


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